As a member in a BDMV association or a participant in one of the competitions you directly contribute to the musical program of the Deutsche Musikfest 2019. We invite you to take part in the numerous competitions and evaluation contests and participate in dozens of concerts and show events as well as workshops at the 6th Deutsche Musikfest in Osnabrück. Interested ensembles and associations can find detailed information regarding application and participation on the following pages.

Evaluation Concert

In the Deutsche Musikfest’s Evaluation Concerts, competing ensembles of different categories are evaluated by renowned experts. The Evaluation Concerts are not placed rather assigned with scores and predicates. In the evaluation discussion, the ensembles receive relevant feedback about their performance level by the experts.

The public is welcome in all evaluation contests!

Wind Ensembles

  1. Symphonic Wind Bands (wood winds, brass, percussion)
  2. Brass Band (brass band and percussion)
  3. Fanfare Orchestras (brass, saxophones, percussions)
  4. Other wind orchestra ensembles (e.g. Big Bands)

Further Ensembles

A1          Percusison Ensembles/Drum Bands
A2          Flute & Fife Bands
A3          Fanfare & Bugle Bands (no valves allowed)
A4          Schalmei Bands
A5          mixed ensembles (all instruments of categories 1, 2 and 3)
A6          Marching Bands (all brass and wood wind instruments, all percussion instruments)
The participants can choose between 6 levels of difficulty.

Marching Music

The Evaluation Concerts for marching bands are part of the categories “wind music” as well as “further ensembles – Spielleutemusik”. Critics consider marching music to be outdated and too military. This must be contradicted, because especially nowadays playing music in movement and in public is highly regarded. Marches belong to the oldest forms of music and thus present a valuable cultural heritage which must be preserved. Based on the genre’s rhythmic and stylistic characteristics, the formal and exact process of marching music is a necessity to achieve the union of music and movement. Therefore, marching music is a form of musical expression with independent significance just like concertante stage music.